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Bump In the Night



Default Avatar dawkward

No mum! A good idea and lead actor was believable. Really like your intro!! Pay off unfortunately was a bit dragged out, could have been a little tighter with the edit - twist ending felt a bit off, tonally (dark world-building, but possibly too naturalistic - could have double down on the bleakness and given the twist ending an extra beat to land with the audience)

I assume sound design is an award again this year? Definite nominee right here in my book. We followed our protagonist through a pretty drab rundown looking Kilbirnie, which seemed to have splintered off into its own little society with the Kilbirnie Post newspaper, and a whole lot of chaos such as the main sportsfield now being "KILLbirnie park". Several people were missing on flyers in this chaotic vision of the future, but our lead had strong screen presence as he made his way home after having had to crash at a friend's for a while. Nice payoff that was reliant on sound, that earned its dues because the team had good sound like I said earlier! I loved the world building, I just wish there was a bit more in terms of plot to this one.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Classy. It was classy and art house. Which is especially hard for a duo. It finished looking very much ungraded (which many films are, but this kind of needed it)Overall, it was fun. Albeit a bit predictable towards the end. Not all the shots seemed to aid the story. And story being king is something I'd like to see this duo work on.

Default Avatar Dolly Zoom

I enjoyed this film a lot, even though it did confuse me a little. I really enjoyed the world building through visuals. That was executed really well. We're led to believe this world is dark and dangerous through visual exposition like missing person posters, bleak headlines on a fake newspaper, and so on. Props to whoever made the props, haha. All of that is great, but I'm not sure how that all tied into the payoff in the end. I enjoyed the payoff in the end, very funny, but I think the lead up could have been a little tidier. I think this duo could go on to make some solid films in the future. Good work. Looking forward to see what you can make in the future.

Had the sort of build up which suggested he would run into some horror movie scenario then turned out unexpected without the danger that was suggested. Entertaining although not brilliant, not sure how much I liked the sudden ending and then cutting straight to the credits. But a solid effort for two people.

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