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Bullies, Nerds and a Weirdo

by Simple Swish


A group of nerds and a group of dickheads respectively go camping, accidentally in the same place. One group is prepared with tents and supplies, the other kind of wings it but when the leads go wandering in the woods we are treated with comedy when they bump into each other, all the while worrying about the rabbid dog on the loose that was pronounced over the 4 Square Radio. I enjoyed the energy this team brought to proceedings, with some unusual humour. I did notice a few continuity issues though, and lighting became an issue for your evening shots. Big laughs to finish but kind of silly and simplistic in terms of plot for mine.

I think this was a school team? In any case, I feel like this film really captures a school team's spirit. Low budget looking, often lending to further comedy, with hilarious moments. Kicking the book had everyone laughing. Gratuitous V product placement. THE BUSH IS SHAKING. This film had a flourish, a flourish visible even in the rather dark beginning and endings. It's a flourish I admire, even if the filmmakers aren't ready for prime time just yet.

This is one of the more inventive and enjoyable school team efforts that I've seen. Nice plot device to bring the genre into play and pure quirky fun. Use of V is obviously a 48 hr in joke but you were given it so why not make the most of it? Keep developing your skills, there's potential for greatness here.

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