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Apollo 69

by Qualified Tim


Man I don't have too many notes here because I put my pen down pretty quickly and just watched in awe as this beautiful film took over my retinas and brain cells. Easily the most amazing use of stock footage we've seen in the comp so far, and in conjunction with an incredibly pieced together space station given the time constraints, it genuinely felt like we were up there in outer space, running the gamut of emotions that our lead actor did due to loneliness, despite his AI friend DQ's best intentions. Imminent self destruction allowed for imminent self introspection and the most unlikely of connections. Fantastic subversion of genre. Gold use of split screen throughout, driving rather than hindering the story in any way, you finish watching immediately wondering when you can see it again. Answer = Wellington final no doubt, and probably national final too. For those wondering, yes Tim Hamilton dropped the meta 48Hour approach and yes he absolutely delivered the goods, helped in part by a terrific lead actor and one of the most beautiful music scores I've heard composed for the competition by Liam Reid. Literally note perfect. The required 4th wall break also put a huge grin on my face even if took me out of the moment for half a second. Honestly the sort of film that I live for in this comp. So good.

Default Avatar Thesuperpanda

A superb film. Having the set and costumes done on time is truly a wonder. He really is qualified after all

There are plenty of films that play with space and this films references several. To make a zero- g film in 48 hours shows the amount of courage Qualified Tim possesses and the fact that he pulled it off says volumes. I'm pleased that Qualified Tim has emerged from the ashes of Disqualified Tim and made the deadline. This has final contender written all over it. Well made and brave, 'Apollo 69' will be one that people remember for all the right reasons.

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