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by Cubic


An ambitious sci fi. Great call backs to the Cyberpunk genre, and some impressive makeup and art design. Without resorting to loads of fancy effects, this film did a good job of making Wellington look like a dystopian cyberpunk future and told a straight forward story. Some solid work from an imaginative team.

Wellington 2043 with not just one but 2 title cards to explain to the audience what was happening regarding a new drug on the street. Pretty cool dystopian cyberpunk thriller with the drone joke the absolute highlight. Makeup was nice too, reminded me a lot of tv show 'The Tribe'. I think the plot just needed a bit more clarity in terms of direction.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

Ambitious. There was some great editing in the running scenes, but. It fell apart on the robot costumes and vfx. The highlight for me in this film was seeing the DJI drone fly past, but with a futuristic drone sound. Great to see something high concept. I'd like to see in future some smaller sets with more rounded technical.

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