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Along for the Ride

by Team Yoobee


A down to earth uber driver takes a woman to see her boyfriend when she has come for a surprise weekend visit, only the one getting a surprise is not him, and the shock is not a good one for her. Whilst stuck in the 'burbs luckily he sticks around to keep driving. Only she doesn't hop back on the train she has come from, surprise surprise. The dialogue interplay between the performers was well delivered, and I liked the variety of coverage despite the LOCKE inspired inside-a-car setting. Given the charm and fact this was technically good I'm giving this positive marks, although it was a bit formulaic in terms of plot.

Buddy movie is interesting when it's two characters of the opposite sex and you had me a bit worried that it would turn into a romance but it worked out fine. A nice, touching story. Couple of minor details were slight issues. An Uber driver would not require an L plate in real life but if the guy is actually a learner I can see why you need it, can't be breaking the law while participating in the competition but if the L plate was due to the car being used by another driver who was a learner it should have been removed. Also it seemed a bit of a waste to throw out the wine bottle at the end. I know it was meant for the jerk boyfriend who she dumps but still could have kept it for herself or offered it to the driver after he turned down payment.

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