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All Fur Nothing

by Look at daddy


Love it, great acting from both characters. A shame it was disqualified, could have gone far in the competition.

Shame about the DQ as for the 2nd year in a row I really enjoyed what Look at daddy have produced for the competition, this time stepping up their game from a technical point of view in a big way, with excellent deeply saturated cinematography, a good soundscape and top lighting, as a scientist develops an electronic necklace to make his lovable pet pooch talk with him. Some crass humour but also very well done in terms of comedic timing and delivery, and the edit was spot on. When the master gets what's coming to him was a truly rewarding watch.

If there was a "be careful what you wish for" genre, this would have fit nicely in there. Didn't dig it as much as the other two reviewers, I thought it was a clever idea but at just 3 minutes it was quite insubstantial, it left me wanting more, there was potential for more to be developed with this. I'm guessing timing was the issue as I can't see why this would be disqualified apart from getting it in late. The wind shot seemed just there because it was a required element, it didn't seem to add anything interesting.

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