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Lost in Cyberspace

by New Tiger Media


'don't judge a book by its cover' story set around somebody getting in the wrong uber. strong Kath & Kim vibes from the driver- nice touch. best use of green screen for all the driving scenes, imparted this charming jenkiness to the proceedings. Lots of people were climbing trees to get that overhead shot but did you guys climb a lamp post? seemed pretty high up whatever it was!

Default Avatar bennewton95

Nice shots, and very good VFX in that car, given the time limit :)

Great team intro/lack of, setting the scene for a low-brow KATH AND KIM (with mum and daughter) uber scenario gone wrong when the women take someone else's ride, having just wanted to get to Hillsborough. With surreal minimalistic but well done green screen inside the ride, the down to earth dialogue and misjudgement of the driver created some decent awkward humour. What I particularly liked about the film was the well captured audio, however once the couple got out of the car the culmination of events left a little to be desired due a wee bit of a casual ho hum approach. The stranded would be passenger WOULD have been a nice touch, had there not been a very clear and obvious boom operator in shot which caused me to double check whether this team had entered ultra and were breaking the 4th wall on purpose...

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