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Valentino's Day

by R&R


Default Avatar Nick Depree

Well shot and produced, and the location was quality, it does make a difference having a cool location! Enjoyed the interaction with the bartender the best, but acting all around was very good. Didn't quite get the overall story/motivations, or buy the payoff with the bartender, but it's hard in 5min to develop that enough. Overall very well done, I liked it.

Bit of a guilty pleasure in a dad joke kind of way. As the other reviewer said it was effective use of location, guessing one of you must own the pub to be able to use it like that. Level of giggling was a bit over the top although I acknowledge laughter was a necessary element this year while the fight scenes were pure nuttiness. Bit worried about the genre requirement, we acknowledge Valentine's day in a calendar sense and couples often go out to a nice meal or chick flick but it's not a holiday. Although there was the reference to holidaying in Italy.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this. It was often cringe and silly but it all worked rather well. I'm a fan of Andrew Munro - he's great in everything. Loved the fight scenes and the awkward delivery of Valentino - "It's me, in a wig" - classic! Great location and excellent production which is not unexpected, as Roberto Nascimento has history in this comp. Super rewatchable.

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