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by Mice on Screen


another one of my Favourites of the night, i love the Documentary crew angle of the film. the little narration and showing bits of equipment helped solidify the shooting style they were going for. the main actor was very good and i loved his zany character. there is a candid moment of him handing out flyers, and i hope it was done with real people, as one lady gives a great line with brilliant comedic timing. the ending gets hectic and fun as the camera crew run off, each succumbing to a hilarious fate, but i think it would have been great for a stronger ending for our hero, rather than facing his impending doom.

Default Avatar Dane Jacobs

This was really well done, the performance of the main actor in particular helped carry the film. It's hard to remember specific details off the top of my head but it felt like each scene built on top of each other well, it just got funnier and more convincing as it went along. In terms of story telling, dialogue, performance, etc. it worked really well. Could use a little more visual polish (perhaps better lighting, colour grading, tighter editing), but ultimately, as they say, story is king. I will be keeping an eye out for this team next year.

Default Avatar JoshuaMartian

A major highlight! The premise is a spot-on satire of the big conspiracy theories of our times (anti-vaxx, flat earth) and all the dialogue from the tone-deaf protagonist was delivered to perfection by the lead actor who had perfect comedic timing. The mockumentary style scenes were fantastic, as was the characters thinly veiled frustrations. Gave me flashbacks to everything from Alan Partridge to This is Spinal Tap. If I had a complaint it's that the ending is somewhat abrupt but the apocalyptic climax is so funny, you forgive it. Left me wanting more! Seriously well done to all involved.

Certainly had me laughing harder than any other of the night. Perhaps the first 48Hours mockumentary I’ve seen that actually puts effort into making it look like a documentary. You really knew what you were doing. The lead performance and the escalating hilarity made this film my personal favourite of the night, however it just lacked a conclusive ending. We don’t necessarily need to know what happens to the characters, but even on a technical level we need to feel like the film is coming to a close, rather than just cutting to black abruptly. Perhaps all it needed was a nice close up of the lead’s face as he embraces his fate with a smile. I look forward to seeing more from this team in the future.

Default Avatar thatfilmguy

This film overall has a consistent story line and clear character motives. As the story and scenes built so did my laughter. However I do wish the ending was slightly stronger, yet this was still a pleasure to watch.

Default Avatar Lydia Carol

The film nails the mockumentary style perfectly. I thought this was a clever take on 'Nature Runs Amok' and managed to stay topical while getting lots of laughs. The section where the protagonist was canvassing members of the public was fantastic- particularly the timing of one member of the public's 'Against Nature?!' comment. I enjoyed the ending but would have liked it to have been more full on! A great job by these filmmakers.

Good to see that others loved this film as well. Great mockumentary/conspiracy theorist satire and I'm surprised it's not a city finalist. In addition to the general hilarity the technical aspects were very well done. It's not exactly "nature run amok" though, more "paranoid weirdos think nature is running amok" but creative interpretations of genre are always welcome. Subtitles were a bit distracting.

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