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Holiday Air

by Laughing Jamaican Productions


Default Avatar Jay Sherman

The great thing about 48 Hours is how it can surprise you sometimes. This film did not give me the impression it was going to be anything to write home about at the start, but it turned out to be one of my favourites from the heat. The production value wasn't amazing, the performances were ok, but the story was great and there were some brilliant moments. The ending was damn near perfect, too. I might not be Jamaican, but I was laughing a lot through this one.

I think this was a 5.5 star film that was just slightly closer to the 5 when I was forced to pick between 5 and 6. It definitely had frequent chuckles although it seemed a stretch that the blind man would be that gullible, the ending solved this issue nicely. Nice little black comedy overall with an inventive premise that could be developed for a longer film.

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