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Hell's Pizza

by Film The People


For a quick minute I thought this was the time travel movie!! Had some funny moments, and was easy to watch!

Default Avatar CatFan

A cop travels in time to solve a murder. This film had a clever twist that I won't spoil here, but it sort of petered off at the end rather than treating that reveal as a shock twist. Still, the general idea was great and the double-take made me laugh.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

Yep, got it ! It made sense. Had me worried near the start because I thought you were doing a time travel movie. Very simple story line. And often keeping it simple is better. Well done

Default Avatar Bunnrey

Good neat premise for a 5 minute film! I can't remember much happening in the middle however, though the start and end made up for it. I know getting cop uniforms is hard but why not pull together some special "time cop" uniform that's a bit sci-fi? Even if it's a bit shoddy, it would help pull it away from the "boys playing cops and robbers" 48hr trope which I think detracts from the time travel premise.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Liked the time-travel effect and some of the initial set-up. A lot of the dialogue wasn't that strong however and it times was delivered a bit cringe. Also, once you start doing time-travel a few questions get raised - is the pizza boy still dead in the future or are we now on a different timeline? As others have mentioned a but more through the middle of the film would have given it some depth. Hits the genre though as he definitely found himself in the WPWT.

Loved this film and was a bit surprised to see other reviews thinking it was average. It's always fun to add another genre to your assigned one and time travel is like bacon in that everything is better with it. Enjoyed the intentionally cheesy dialogue and the wrong place, wrong time aspect (bit of a staple for the time travel when you go back to fix something and it doesn't work out how you planned). I think you guys have the talent to move on to bigger things if you're interested.

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