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Double Date

by Filmsplats


This was very well done!! Great use of the split screen!! I didn’t vote for you guys only cause I’m not crazy about sexual themes but I’m sure you will do well!!

Default Avatar CatFan

A split-screen film with two stories which happened to both work with the exact same dialogue. This film was very clever in its use of split-screen - the juxtaposition of the two scenes made for some great laughs, like "a bit salty"! The use of wind was the most clever I've seen so far too - having it move from one side of the split-screen to the other got a good chuckle from the audience. On the downside, it was a little slow in a couple of places and could've moved from line to line quicker. But overall, one of the best in the heat.

Default Avatar dzo

Great ultra movie with the same dialog for both shots and some really funny lines. Definitely the best of the heat.

Default Avatar koroh the geek

What can I say. Well done. Ultra this year with the split screen element certainly presented some challenges. None least than trying to have two screens make sense or interact to one another. This must have been fun to write, film, act. I bet there were quite few laughs behind the camera and surely you guys will have a gag reel for this one. The audience reaction said it all to a great job you guys did. Awesome.

very clever use of the split screen, one line of dialogue while to events are happening. i found this film very entertaining. simple in its execution, and the story didnt really lead anywhere. thought was fun to see what each piece of dialogue represented in the others screen

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