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by Ninja Fantail Productions


Basically a no budget version of A QUIET PLACE, with the monsters being conveyed as being everywhere through text messages shown on screen. Unfortunately a complete lack of originality here and no show of the monster was disappointing. The 'threat' became a laugh when a safety barricaded door supposedly opened from a monster relatively wide had nothing come through and was closed by a character without urgency. If sound design had been more immersive it may have sold the film more.

After some kind of attack a lone man hides out, trying to get in touch with a girlfriend. Eventually her texts dry up and he goes to find her, discovering the house has been ransacked. He gathers supplies and waits. And waits. Eventually a dog joins him, bringing respite from his loneliness. The film ends when some kind of threat occurs and he has to flee. I think the idea was a good one and I do like the unseen monster in this genre, but we could have done with more threat - blood at the house, sounds in the distance, something to bring the tension and danger to life. I think that the soundtrack was where you could have bought in a lot more to the story and this would be something to play with more next time.

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