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The Wishboners

by electric shoelace 260 views


A family of genies and their company were documented dealing with a lack of wishes for people in the world in 2018. This played mostly as a one joke film with the team throwing every possible boner reference into the mix that they could think of. A lot hit the mark although when material became exhausted the film did hit a bit of a lull. The chicken jokes and development of genuine sympathy for the family did give the film a second act although the editing during the first half of the film was of a lot higher standard as the ending felt rushed and predictable. Having said that the first half of the film did have a few too many talking heads moments for my liking. EDIT updated star rating to correct (for me) 3 stars. Sorry had the wrong (and probably appeared to be mean) 2 stars in here until I corrected myself.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Fab story, concept & execution. The idea for this short stood out in the heat as original and well developed. Great performances, set & sound/music.

Default Avatar Marcus.Williams

Loved this film. The idea was perfect and well executed. The style seemed super similar to the American 'The Office' which never ceases to make me laugh. Should hopefully be a finals contender!

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

I’m only dropping stars because the edit and sound was a little untidy BUT THIS FILM IS A GREAT WATCH The cinematography was surprisingly clever. And I really appreciate the mocumentary style and boner jokes

Default Avatar Josiah Pasikale

Wow the intro to this film was so unexpected and really funny! I loved the originality of "Wish Boners", taking the concept of a chicken wishbone as their vehicle of the genre. The set design was very detailed to the point where the fax machine had its own logo "BONER". I think the film did explore a deeper theme of "failed businesses in todays society due to modern technology and thinking". Being a business owner myself I related a lot to the characters and the hardships they faced. I do wonder what the final wish was and hope that it gave the two characters a fresh start to a new and better wish business. Great job to the actors and creators.

This documentary style drama is set in the Wishboner's office and they are facing closure due to a lack of wishes. Faye is doing her best to remain optimistic since the wishes have started to dry up. Faye takes their destiny into her own hands and goes out into the world to bring the wishes back. When this film started up, I thought the whole thing was going to look like it was shot on a VHS camera, but it switches gears and it is shot from the P.O.V of the documentary crew. The film crew are filming a business that is lost it's grip on the marketplace, this predicament causes the tension that drives the film, then the documentary crew are faced with the age old wildlife documentary dilemma: do you save your subject or let it die. Positives: set-design, cinematography, costuming and the energetic retro team intro. This film made the Wellington shortlist and it was a little charmer!

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