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The Robster Goes to High School

by Team Hillbilly 174 views


Default Avatar PleaseIgnoreMe

Felt a little awkward in execution. Main char was great tho. Just seemed like the punchline nwver came

Default Avatar Kai

35 year old going back to high school to be a superstar! Humurous concept with the genre. Enjoyed the one liners in there and references to rugby too.

Pot-bellied chain smoking 35 year old goes back to high school to become the champion of the school he always dreamed of being, with backing from his mother and a desperate principal. As though 21 JUMP STREET was starring a loser who lived at home and had such poor iq that being picked for the 1st xv was a non-issue for investigatory boards. I noticed quite a few technical issues here with the whole party being shot a bit out of focus, disruptive wind on the soundtrack more than once and some camera shots even cutting characters' heads. Handful of good laughs for the audience but what brought this down for me personally was the talking heads component of the film.

Default Avatar libbitybibbit

this didn't really work for me and felt a bit meandering beyond just on purpose awkwardness; agree with previous reviewer who said it was like the punchline didn't come. the parts with the principal felt stronger and like they had more of a clear throughline - also nailed the delivery on that bit about how he's getting away with a thirty-five year old enrolling, that was tightly written and landed well with the performance. overall i liked the idea of it more than the execution.

good concept, shaky on the dismount. his journey to success was never made super clear and the documentary-style interviews probably held you down. good moments and lines, good characters, just somewhat confusing.

Default Avatar Clubbie

I think the Robster is a STAR!! Loved the running with a rolly scenes on the footy field, classic!!

First-timers Team Hillbilly landed the high school genre. Picking up girls and intimidating guys, 35 year old Robster is strutting around school. Owning the parties and first 15 Rugby team, Robster is fulfilling his dream of being a high school superstar. Filmed in a documentary style with some dry humour, there was a few technical issues with sound and camera. Overall, my tip for you guys is that I feel like this film could have benefitted with more time on the script writing at the beginning and to use your available resources. You got high school genre and instead of trying to fit your actor into the genre by being a man revisiting his teenage years, it might have been better to make him a parent or teacher of one of the many teens in the film. 48hours is all about flexibility when the challenge is thrown at you. It was a good effort from a first time team and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with next year.

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