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The Long-Con

by Shoulda Listened To My Parents


An amazing phone message gives a stoic hitwoman her next target, but the blind positivity of her Greenpeace leader target means that what should be a straightforward kill turns into a barrel of deadpan laughs romcom. Kind of worked better in my mind as an anti-romcom! The camerawork needed some focus and contrast to it plus was mostly static when some variety would have helped, and there was audible distortion on the soundtrack, but this team committed to an idea and ran with it which made it a highlight in the heat. Playing the material dead straight meant that being a 'yes woman' was highly believable as she had a job to do, and whether that took 1 second or 10 years it would get done even if it meant putting up with getting married or having a baby. A lot of promise here.

The photos at the end of this film made it! they were great.

A hitwoman receives a new target - a Greenpeace hippy. She acquires her target but she's in it for the long game. So long in fact that (you guessed it) the film spans 10 years. The hitwoman and the Greenpeace hippy hook up, move it, marry, have a baby etc. The hitwoman plays it full deadpan straight the entire time which is where the laughs in this film are - especially the physical comedy gags. Technically it wasn't super polished but it was a good idea and got lots of laughs.

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