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The Hitler Effect

by Nightlight Productions 95 views


Lols ensue as an erstwhile facial hair enthusiast travels back in time to change history when the only thing he can grow is a Hitler ‘stache. A fun concept and a likeable turn from the lead made this a good time. More shot coverage and some more post production work such as colour grading would have added a more cinematic quality, but I still found myself charmed by this film. Good one.

Alternate universe farce where facial hair is championed and smooth faces for men are mocked and ridiculed, with the titular nazi leader having an enormous effect on the proceedings. Spanning across 85 years for all intensive purposes through low budget time travel, well covered up by black and white footage to hide any budget constraints, this highlighted modern high school life well where the pressure to show your true feelings is indeed immense, and rejection is soul crushing. I liked the message here to never give up even in the face of denial, and the beard jokes came thick and fast. "Dad" was a particular highlight, as was the dramatic mo trimming and good use of sound effects in the film. Some of the camerawork was noticeably shaky and motivations for characters were a bit questionable at times but I do enjoy a good farce and this got great laughs from the audience including myself.

To start a romance with a high school crush, our protagonist attempts to grow facial hair with the support of his parents. When he ventures back into the world with his newly sprouted lip fur, he is mistaken for a Nazi, our protagonist devises a plan to jump back in time to reclaim the Hitler moustache. The best thing about this about film is that you showed me what was happening through action rather than explain it using dialogue. There were some funky time travel effects and charming acting from our all teenage cast.

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