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The Capillum Affair

by Blank Canvas 95 views


Set to a pulsing rhythm an expert thief plans his heist with meticulous detail when he learns that the royal jewels are going to be on display in a Wellington museum. Finely crafted with some top notch framing and precision, the intricate level of thought and detail put into the film were truly impressive. I really liked a lot of the ambiance in the film but yearned for more consistency of lighting as the shots that were heavily grainy took me out of the moment a little bit. The snapshots were also a bit low budget but played to good comedic effect. Also nice work on the end location! Lasers were gold.

This Royal jewel heist is meticulously planned, with maps and surveillance, laser lights, this film had all the tropes of a heist film. This team really embraced their given genre. This cool, collected film built the story with a good pace and it was easy to follow what was going on with no dialogue, as a viewer you were included as part of the plan, you were an accomplice to the crime. All goes as expected until the final scene. The music and layered score did it's part very well ( an appropriate heist soundtrack), but I kind of wanted the stakes to be higher. Who was this man and what what was at stake, what were his motivations? I know it's hard to include so much into a short time frame, but this audience investment into the character may have added to the drama.

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