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A time travelling guide explained the mechanations of time travel in particular the idea of challenging tragedy. The set design was of particularly high quality and the lead actor who played 'Cronos' had watchable creepy screen presence. The negative marks for mine were an over-reliance on exposition because there was definitely some promise to explore the doors of time. Nice ending, mind.

Our eccentric and charismatic host Kronus, greets the protagonist to Tempus and explains the rules of the time travelling experience. Behind every door is a critical moment in our time travelling tourists past, that she has the choice to change, but she can only choose one door to open. Faced with an opportunity to spend the last moments of her mothers life, she makes her choice. Strong art department and costuming in this film. There was a lot of dialogue explaining things in the film, although I didn't mind it too much as the language was poetic and flourished. This film could have benefitted by some stylistic lighting in the Tempus.

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