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Téa Leaves

by XIV 99 views


Someone hates tea! Hard sell of a Uni Tea Drinkers Anonymous group who all struggled to come to terms to their addiction to Early Grey and Dilmah, which was apparently the scourge of the earth and creating a reign of terror. Editing was a bit hit and miss here as significant passages of time passing were just represented with changes of clothes and whiteboard markings, although coming across both static and rushed at the same time. After most of the film was a sit down discussion of how bad tea was the anti-romcom element brought in at the last minute was probably the highlight of the film though a bit sad and harsh in tone. Ending was great, though.

University is rife with social clubs/classes, this unusual group is made up of a bunch of awkward students and an equally awkward teacher dedicated to hating tea-drinking. Earl gets a crush on his class mate Tēa and is rejected by her and then she leaves the class altogether. Although it was a successful anti rom-com, it was a fairly unsatisfying ending to the film, he gets rejected, then tēa-leaves. Pretty sweet joke though.

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