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Taylors Escape

by Levin The Dream 22 views


Made the case that what we do as a child affects us as an adult, where young Call of Duty fan Taylor ended up in the military. However also introverted the expectation of dealing with battling parents when push came to shove which was a nice touch. Breaking the 4th wall was a nice touch also and your young lead carried the film well. I do wish that the cuts between footage that had music to the different time zone with only camera sound had been a bit smoother as it took me out of the moment.

Default Avatar Kai

This film was deep! Really enjoyed it. The lead boy was great and loved the shots of the boys imagination etc really cool. Nice ending too.

was kind of unclear on drive and ending point of the story and there was a lack of polish overall., but a fantastic performance from tiny taylor, and the sequences of his imaginings were really well done.

We are introduced to Taylor, a young child caught in the cross-fire of his arguing parents, Taylor escapes into the world of his imagination and play. I liked the scenes of the boys play and then it coming to life, particularly the solider scene was well-done. I feel like this film could have done better if the story was simpler, the intro shots of Taylor and the ending shots of the boy receiving the gift confused the overall premise of the film. Another small suggestion - you could also script the parents arguments in the background to make them more realistic and threatening, they seems to be arguing about nothing in particular just raising voices or use an effect to muffle the voices and remember silence is menacing too. For first timers, this film was well shot (thumbs up to the cinematographer!) and imaginative. Also, well-done to Taylor it's not easy to be in every scene and carry the film.

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