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streets of wishes

by Look at Daddy


What an outstanding animation. Always love an ambitious project for the weekend and these guys pulled it off superbly. Excellent voice acting too

Ok so I'm literally one of the biggest fans of 'Streets of Rage' that you'll ever meet so when that logo came up I was hooked from the get go. The beat em' up guy who wishes he no longer has to clean up the streets, well wishes are meant to be granted in this genre right but before you know it this has gone on a massive left turn, right turn and then slapped you in the face when it comes to your expectations. Retro aesthetic was clean and simple but perfect for your switch fighter. Hilarious. Voice acting soooo good!!!

Default Avatar mw4liverpool

this had me cracking up all the way through. loved the concept and the voice overs were spot on for my sense of humour. I missed what the non animation bits were for but maybe I was just not paying enough attention. top notch.

An animated retro video game (set outside the Paramount - thanks for that fantastic bit of homage) with a hero who has grown tired of cleaning up the mean streets and wishes to have a break. Great story and original ending. I loved the consistent aesthetic, voice acting was great and it was heaps of fun to watch.

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