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Spazz Allens

by 2K18 Clingfilmers 247 views


Bullied art-student with mild verbal dyslexia blended right in to the alien invasion here which presented a very strong metaphor for being the odd one out....albeit through grotesque head explosions and ray guns. I thought that the vfx in this film were really well done and would not be surprised to see a nomination in the Wellington final if only that bloody award hadn't been combined with animation this year. The comic timing here made one of the best splatstick films in Wellington this year, and yes I'm aware that the team got 'Fish out of Water' as their genre. Generally engaging framing and very impressive editing, plus excellent use of whatever stock soundtrack the team had acquired. I think this team can hold their head very high and proud as it quickly reached the top echelon of high school films all time in Wellington for me.

Our bullied lead is visited by space aliens and is accepted by them as one of them, she is invited to join the purge of human kind. Nominated for best school team in Wellington, this film was truely entertaining, funny with a little interplanetary romance to boot - a hit at the screening. This film landed all of its jokes, using physical comedy, some good dialogue and fun audio, visual and special effects. I love the school teams! I don't have any advice accept keep going, make more films! Tino Pai!

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