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by Mind Blank Productions 132 views


Funniest film of the heat for me. The gags were frequent and varied from the dialogue, particularly from the Dad character to the sight gags such as the sleeping bag montage and the intestines scene. Looked like a lot of fun to make and it was definitely a fun watch. Sound levels were a bit uneven otherwise well edited and some good use of location shooting at the waterfall. Great double twist ending. I loved the film. Awesome work guys.

A grumpy (but hilarious) dad and a forced restlessly early night for a group of boys at a pizza party sleepover means that it's time for horror stories and some classic kiwi bad taste splatstick ingenuity. This was kinetic in approach with lively performances and a nice buy in to the urban legend which pursued the young men with great vigour. The jokes were funny, the film screamed by in terms of pacing and I love that the team threw everything at their gore they possibly could. You really can get a lot out of sausages, fake blood and horse heads if you're committed. Getting out and about was impressive as well with the waterfall being a really strong final location. I noticed a colleague giving you some sound advice about not leaving the sound until last for your film, and I agree. It was cracking good fun but there were also quite literally some crackles on the audio, some muffled dialogue and several distorted peaks. Huge potential here though and for what I assumed was an ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT reference to round out proceedings I take my hat off to you.

Having a sleepover with mates, the boys are sent to bed early (5pm lol) and are unable to sleep so they tell horror stories by torchlight. Things get a bit more serious (and also hilarious), when they discover their mate is missing. I loved that you guys kept the pace up with this film and started the joke train from the first few moments of the film, the dad's deadpan acting and the sleeping bag montage was really fun. You guys committed to the splatter genre, with scenes of a blood splattered bathroom, intestines and lost limbs, somehow amongst all this violence the film remains light-hearted. The waterfall was a bonza location and your cast had good energy, just work on the sound issues (esp. when yelling) - well done team.

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