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Sharon and Cobie

by Scavengers 20 views


Default Avatar cuby07

What a well trained cat! Really impressed you pulled off a cat film with the cat looking in all the right places and working the camera. Could have been fun to explore more of a story arc within the concept, but overall played well as a short piece.

Default Avatar Rafael G Q

Fairly funny and well executed throughout and provided some genuine laughs. I think it just needed a little more of a story line to tie the whole film together and not make it feel like a selection of clips showing funny interaction with the talking cat. The cat was a top notch actor and is super cute.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Funny script.

Seemingly charming domestic house cat turns out to be fairly damn crass when given a voice by their loving owner inadvertently. Treaded the line between gross and introspective, almost a personal film at times, a couple of the jokes hit but I think I kind of missed the message here. As was said at the launch I'd encourage you to get out of your house for the shoot weekend!

This wish genre film could easily be mistaken for an Ultra film. The film is about 'Cobie' the feline who starts to talk and he shares his feelings about his owner, Sharon. This films starts out as a sweet-looking animal-lover film, but then switches gears - this cat has a potty mouth and a deeply cynical side. There is no major drama that happens in the film, the scene is pretty domestic, but the contemptuous voice over from the cat provides plenty of entertaining moments and comedy. Tight story, which was shot and edited well.

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