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by Sound Check Pictures 206 views


Sensitive leisurely touching film about a young girl inheriting a very special family guitar. Special as it had been in the family for generations. The film played with a genuine delicate rhythm that felt personal and honest as a massive scope of examples of where the instrument had been used were portrayed on screen taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster in a really good way. From sad cringe at aunties and uncles getting high and using it to strum a fun tune all the way through to a tangi. Full of arohanui I take my hat off to you.

Profiling an object that has had a long life is a creative way to approach the genre - 'The film that spans more than 10 years'. In this film, we see a guitar being gifted to a daughter from a mother, we are privy to the journey that this musical instrument has been on - sing-a-longs, street busking, gatherings, concerts, powhiri, music class and jams. This was a heartfelt, simple story and I loved the cultural theme throughout the film. I think the sound let your film down as the narration was difficult to hear over the guitar strum. Next time, make sure you plan this audio aspect better. I would have loved to hear some singing too!

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