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by Blowfish


Frigging heck Blowfish make amazing films. Did not check my watch but this must have barely clocked in over 60 seconds. The only problem is that this creates an almost blink and you miss it approach, most definitely leaving me wanting more. Will the beautiful utopian/dystopian sci film covering vast cityscapes and barren wastelands but for arguably moments be seen the same way by the judges or is there enough here to progress further? Only time will tell.

In a dystopian future we see a young boy in a lab - 10 years later that future is destroyed and he returns. I love me a super short film and nothing makes me happier than teams who tell a story in well under the time limit. This year Blowfish took that to the extreme with a bare minimum one minute job that is a lesson in how much can be told with so little. It may be that they went a touch too far and its been great to be able to re-watch this film as there are subtleties that you can pick up on a re-watch which the audience in the heats may have missed out on. Please put it up on the screening room for everyone else! The animation is great and the sound works well and all in all its pretty slick.

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