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Psylent Night

by fake news & weather 184 views


Golly heck this looked spectacular! The camera tricks and lighting effects paid homage to every strung-out-on-drugs movie ever. There was a hint of a plot, but mainly this was eye candy of epic proportions. Glad I got to see it in all its glory on a big screen.

Default Avatar BTMO

I loved this movie! This had (almost) everything a festival movie should have - interesting camera angles, a shift from black and white to colour, stunning use OF that colour, good sound, an interesting premise, wide angle lens, the works. This was my favourite movie of the heat. The only note of pause I had was the very end. I don't feel the death of the mushroom picker added to the story (though props to the actor for not blinking when the goggles were removed). See you at the finals! :D

Holy fuck guys that editing was SIIIICK. Drug-addled shroom-tripping via MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE. Meta commentary on the fungus among us? Just a scribbled note I had. But yeah visually a masterpiece for most of the film, cult in tone as the spoils of a forbidden treasure of shrooms were enjoyed by a select few. Nightmarish, glorious, neon but ghostly my mouth was agape at the literal trip back through the door post-pill ingestion. Also noted that it was a comment that what goes around comes around. It's rare to be taken on such a voyage in this comp. Slightly more of a story and you'd get full marks from me. EDIT - hey as Wellington finalists you should probably take this down from the screening room in case you get in the grand final :)

Default Avatar Liam Dakin

I disagree with steel potato. Your attempts to put force a story/climax to this was the weakest part of what had the makings of a great film. The loop back to the murder was unnecessary/jarring and took away from the cool beginning.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

I think this might be my favourite film from this year - largely because it's just so freakin' intriguing. A literal trip through the mind it's hard, at times, to distinguish what's real and what's imaginary, which means rewatching is compulsory. Great tone, impressive visuals and it all makes me want to know more. Excellent work.

A great POV journey into some kind of random drug trip that is part music video, part abstract dream. This film is pretty beautiful, with a fisheye camera that travels around, taking us into a house and then into someone's mind/the city. The editing is great and the cuts between sections flow really well, but what stands out is the sound design and music. The sound is subtle and really creates a world for us that takes us on what is a strange and weird journey. Not all films need a clear and detailed story and I really enjoyed the playful way this film explores visuals and sound in a surreal way that leaves you feeling satisfied despite the lack of specific detail.

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