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Playing House

by CREW 36


Default Avatar PleaseIgnoreMe

Funny. It looked like weird acting...which was the intention...a little audio issue but didnt deter from a great concept

Default Avatar Kai

I enjoyed the concept and humour.

At first I thought the description of the outside concrete cityscape of buildings as 'beautiful' was a rookie mistake but with a quick rabbit hole approach the dark comedy here was well acted as 2 lovers argued about everything imaginable. Decently shot with the bland sterile apartment utilised as a strong plot device, this team went with a kitchen sink approach to subvert everything they could possible think of regarding romcoms. A few lines were dubbed out of synch and whilst there was a clear beginning to end structure some of the tonal shifts whilst funny were a bit jarring.

Default Avatar libbitybibbit

this was solidly done—even before the twist became apparent, the slightly surreal interactions between the two characters pulled me in and had me trying to figure out what was going on (while being entertained by it regardless). when the reveal happened, it all hung together, making sense of the previously nonsensical events. i liked the touch of the male actor stock still while he was unnecessary; i found it striking in the moment and a nice touch in retrospect. intelligently done and written by people who understand how fucking weird kids play.

rare that a 48hr film has the kind of twist that makes me think back over the past 5 minutes and laugh again. all that awkward humour paid off. tight story, good acting, well done.

A sweet young couple make brunch together, but something is a bit off. Fried crumpets eaten with a knife and fork look like cheap art department but then it gets odder and odder - some pretty strange dialogue, some weird costume changes and generally pretty childish behaviour escalates until the reveal at the end explains it all. I really enjoyed this film, at first it was pretty strange, were they acting badly? Why were they saying these strange things? but the explanation was a lovely simple way of approaching the genre. (I'm trying not to spoiler it). The shooting was a bit grainy and out of focus at times - I think you needed more light inside to get the best out of your camera, but great work on the concept.

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