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Plastic Splatstick

by Film for Change Aotearoa 254 views


Used the 48Hours platform to present a darkly comic call to get rid of plastic bags, through bumbling kidnappers and a startling can-do alternate universe female Prime Minister. Held mostly high production values and the jokes were well timed. Fairly decent sound with clear dialogue for the strong script. Probably a bit of a smokey stabbey dark horse for the shortlist.

This film has a political agenda, a noble cause - the banning of plastic bags from Aotearoa (in favour of paper bags). I loved the theme for this film, and I think it is a creative way to approach the competition. I mean its not easy to include all the elements, the genre and make a protest film. This team pulled it off and it made the Wellington shortlist. Belinda Adore, the prime-minister of New Zealand is held captive by 2 masked protesters. Their intention is to put the spotlight on the plastic bag issue in this rip-roaring splatstick comedy. This film was nominated for best use of genre because they really went to town on the splat and the slapstick. Story-wise this film held my attention the whole time and my favourite scene was the rap scene. Strong acting from all the cast and good production values with a well-rounded splat-stick ending involving a paper bag.

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