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No Refunds

by Rock and Rollo 227 views


Default Avatar Rafael G Q

Cinematography and lighting were great, and the story started off really strong and engaging but it fizzled out. A little more clarity as to who the characters were and why they were trying to engage their dead grandma, as well as who the rockstar dude they brought back was would have been good. I felt it needed to be a little more cohesive, because all the individual characters and shots were really fun to watch and engaging but they felt a little disconnected. Otherwise, really awesome work and solid execution overall !

Default Avatar cuby07

Really nice opening shot. Great lighting, and awesome acting from the necromancer! Had some great dialogue, but I missed a couple of hints and didn't pick out the relation of the back from the dead character after the 'twist' at the end. Film changed in tone quite a bit from start to end but enjoyed it overall. Good stuff.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Good production here with all round strong performances from the ensemble cast.

A group who all badly miss their grandma think that a necromancer type with access to bringing souls back from other realms through a pentagon type seance is a good idea. Things of course don't go according to plan and so we get a hair metal bogan trying to adjust to modern life. Couple of nice touches of physical humour and a good grade to the film plus a nice comment on the frivolity of personal asset greed. However the story just never really became engaging due to unclear direction. Worked better as a back from the dead film than fish out of water (the actual genre) by a mile.

Our three protagonists ask the eccentric necromancer to bring their loved ones back from the dead, after some dark rituals and smoke effects, a strange bogan man appears who is no-one's family member. Our rock god doesn't take long to adapt to the situation and is soon playing pool, drinking pints and imparting his wisdom to the group, and as it works out he does have a connection to the grandmother whom they were trying to bring back. It was difficult to work out the intentions of the 3 protagonists, one guy seemed to want to get his grandmother back for financial gain and the other two seemed superfluous to the story, I think if they weren't there it would be less confusing. That's purely from a story point of view. This film took out the top cinematography prize in Wellington, a huge achievement and it has been nominated for the grand finals prize too. The cinematography and grade was a real stand-out, so well done!

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