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Minor Transgressions

by Decile One


Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Fairly memorable. The natural kid actor delivered the best performance of the ensemble cast. Nice puddle.

After failing to check the back seat of a stolen car, a group of "hardened" criminals get more than they bargained for in the form of a clever young boy joining their gang. A decent script here playing well to the odd one out requirements of the genre, with a lowbrow homegrown attitude that was largely charming. Solid examination of tough external personas as well though perhaps could have played that angle a little more for more dramatic impact. Good use of the warehouse interior and ticked the ultra box by having the child as the clear lead. Sound however was a tad flat for me and whilst I really appreciated the subversion the majority of the film being sitting and talking or standing around (not all, mind) was what held it back a bit.

A pair of robbers accidentally steal a kid along with a car. They keep the kid in their warehouse lair and he ends up becoming part of the gang, finding out more and more about criminal life. The kids is smarter than the criminals and ends up giving them helpful suggestions which eventually lead to the twist in the tail. This was a really great use of Ultra and the fish out of water genre, together they made a pretty great match. With the script, the beginning and end in particular worked really well. I thought in the middle it could have been a bit tighter, there was a lot of sitting around that could have been shorter and we could have had a bit more insight into the kid's character. We were definitely quite observational in this film rather then clearly following the kid or the gang. Some of the performances were a bit too 'nice' - the gang weren't really that threatening - but that did lend to the comedy of it somewhat. Ultra is hard work and good on you for signing up - I definitely felt that you dived into ultra wholeheartedly, making it core to your story. This film was enjoyable and while I've noted some areas for improvement I think overall you did a good job.

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