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by Taita Clubhouse Productions 50 views


After playing a game all night, two close knit friends talk about how things might change if one of them comes out of the closet to their parents. This had some excellent sound design as the lead actor dealt with the inner demons in his head, which were given actual demonic sounds to truly represent the personal torture that he was going through. Raw and admirable this broke down a lot of walls with a simple story well told. Would have got even higher marks from me if there were not stretches where the audio needed work; it was audible as the boys walked past all the cars but the car noise did make the dialogue lose some of its impact. Just so much unbridled love from friends and family in this story made my heart swell, this was a delight to get to watch in a cinema. Thank you.

A young man fights his inner voices to reveal to his friends that he’s gay. This was a heartwarming story by Taita Clubhouse and I love it when young people make films that are relevant to issues that are in their world. This film felt authentic, took us on a journey and finished with a sense of warmth. The two young leads were great and the sound design to bring out the inner voices that called ‘shame’ were a great way to show the character’s battle with his own thoughts. There were a few sound issues with filming by noisy roads but all in all you should be really proud.

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