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Love Hurts

by whos eating gilberts grape? 98 views


Default Avatar cuby07

Awesome acting, loved the dramatic lighting, didn't see the ending coming - can't have read the genre. Some great shots throughout, must have made a true mess of that bedroom.

Default Avatar Rafael G Q

Awesome work ! I enjoyed your film last year and this year's film is another classic piece of work. Great acting and chemistry between the actors, good gags throughout and the switch to the more grotesque ending didn't feel forced. Good work pushing the boundaries and keeping the audience engaged throughout, very solid effort.

Default Avatar Everything Was Awesome

My heat favorite. Pleasant and unexpected take on the genre, great use of lighting, the framing of some of your shots were weird in a way I loved. Very satisfying twist in the narrative and the dialogue was very eloquent. You can tell that a bit of thought had gone in to costume and set. Probably the best closing line I have seen/heard in a 48 hour film. Can't fault it.

Looking to spice things up a bit in their sex life a couple call in help from what seemed to be a professional gigalo who looks like he is still stuck in a different time zone with white pants, completely unbuttoned shirt etc. Sex-mad and freaky horny he appears to be just the ticket they need to get things back on track despite hesitancy for help in the first place. I mean it was mum's idea after all! With a mixture of chocolate sauce and gooey fruit I thought this team were going for the subversion route of 'splatting' being just the messiness. Boy oh boy I was wrong. One of the most graphic films to grace the screens in Wellington's 48hours at least this got a massive audience reaction of groans and disgust. 2 things though that dragged this for me a little 1. Despite the huge audience reaction I cannot recall a single actual laugh when the blood came in and 2. the sound had issues in the whole first half of the film with significant discrepancies in audio levels and some hissing/buzzing on the track. EDIT - forgot about the safeword joke. Bumped up a star. First half sound still a significant issue.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Superb execution of splatstic genre, total escalating grossness. "Maybe we should have had a safeword" was comic timing perfection.

Default Avatar emmaecosse

Incredible film! Superb acting, and very creative execution. Script was expertly paced and dialogue well planned, great use of the 'sleazy guru' trope, added some extra comedy to the splatstick genre. Loved the closing line! You can tell a lot of thought went into lighting, costume and mise-en-scene, particularly with the avante-garde nature of the fruit scene. Stellar performance guys!

This uncertain couple have relationship problems, calling out for help from Mario the Italian sex - coach. I loved the reaction shots when Mario entered the room. The fruity sensuality scenes got ramped up to splatter sexuality and the room was trashed in the best possible way! The stylistic lighting really added to the mood, my main criticism is I would have liked the lighting to be more consistent throughout. The punchline was gold... I look forward to seeing what this team produce each year!

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