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by Peanut Butter Rat Trap 134 views


Default Avatar 13ewa12e

Great Cinematography and Editing! Great acting too. Just Great. G-R-E-A-T!

Default Avatar Everything Was Awesome

Simple story, executed very well. Shot selection was dynamic and they really got the most of the set used. It also has a subtle but very appropriate score that builds the tension well. The acting was on point and the camera work for the closing shelves was so well done I'm not quite sure how you did it! Very well made, the reason I haven't given the full grade was because the ending was exactly what the audience was anticipating and there was no reveal/twist/surprise I was hoping for.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

This probably would have been one of my favorites if they'd given a bit more character to the lead at the beginning of the film and tightened up the edit a bit more. Good buildup of suspense.

Yeah really good camerawork here involving a wide variety of shots that created tension and mood for the studying student struggling to focus but being stalked, unbeknownst to him. Really satisfying given how well the scholar was projected as a dickhead who didn't care much for library rules. Sound design was on point and editing was crisp. Short and sweet with a final shot that made me envious at your skills which is always a great sign. I noted a couple of camera shots early on that were slightly shaky but everything else was rock solid. Less is more in the best possible way.

Default Avatar eelmane

fantastic movie. very well shot, nice use of lenses and fantastic lighting. the main actor did a great job at portraying a disrespectful homeless man in the library you could almost smell the ciggy butts on him. and the fire in his eyes when he drew that penis! that kind of raw passion is not often seen in 48hours. extremely satisfying ending and great vfx. top stuff!

When you have no regard for the rules, the library becomes a sinister place and a law to its own. I enjoyed the build up of suspense with the unseen monster which was suggested by the score and voyeuristic camera work. In general, I would have like the editing to have been tighter for a better pace, it lagged in energy in places. The ending got an audible response from the cinema audience. Very enjoyable film!

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