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life sKills

by Be Prepared To Go Ballistic 101 views


NCEA Level 3 Life Skills exam goes absolutely ballistic, in a balls to the wall display of craziness by this veteran team and it was all the better for it. Many scratch your head or blink your eye did I really just see that moments, as the exam produced some staggeringly ridiculous questions for the students to ponder. Almost all hilarious this film moved like a locomotive and when a question comes out that is worth 100 credits you know there's going to be effort made to obtain excellence! Really covered a lot of ground from spelling to toast to illuminati, and got quite dark and violent while still trying to keep some of the tender friendship elements in there that represent school. Largely raw technically with sound being haphazard but made up for by its energy.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

My favorite part of this film was the final scene in the rain at the train station... nice pace shift to end on.

Don't be late to class, especially on exam day! This level 3 exam asks all the hard and hilarious questions and then the 100 credits question springs up and students resort to violence to get a high mark. This film is sharp-witted and piles on the jokes. The characters are all believable and varied. I love that you are playing your own ages and telling a story about an exam that set in a school with actual school kids, you have used your resources well. It seems simple but I have seen a classroom double as a courtroom. Overall, the film was well shot but the outside scene in the rain was particularly beautifully composed and shot. Really great film team!

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