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by Firetale


Brave filmmaking here with some gobsmacking cinematography and clearly high-end equipment. Technically just really on point with A-grade editing and sound to top things off. That party was absolutely pumping without seeming staged. That's not to mention the virtuoso naturalistic performances in particular by the lead who conveyed a wide array of emotions from happy go lucky through party animal and desperate fuckup. Fair cop for giving this one a warning as class A drugs are not something you see very often in this comp, but whilst the repercussions were harrowing there was never a hint of exploitation or intention to shock from the filmmakers. Personally those rooftop scenes and contemplation of life were even harder to watch but that's because they looked almost identical to the site of a personal tragedy. Coming back to the wizardy behind the scenes can I also just add that the I noted the lighting was great? And ooh yes this is subversive of its genre in a good way. Foreboding plot, impactful results.

Default Avatar akiane

The only way I can describe "Jaded" is Haunting. It's one of those rear films that will stay with you long after it's finished. It will stay as a sound ...words playing in your head again and again, as the scenes and faces of the characters flashing in your memory, but most of all as the burning question " what if"... We all ask ourselves this "what if I I have made a different decision at that point of time, would that change my life..other people lives.." and that's where Jaded strikes a cord the most.. Superb work form the creators and actors of this short film!

The cinematography in this film is incredible. Really beautifully framed and the lighting was stunning. Was well thought out. I'm not usually one for drug related films, but this wasn't overplayed and felt very realistic and smart. The concept was simple and well executed by the lead actor and supporting cast. Brave film and an interesting and unexpected take on the time travel genre. Well done.

A pumping party that turns into a nightmare situation, when some decisions turn to regret. I enjoyed the realism and frankness that the filmmakers dealt with the theme of drug overdose in this film. I found this film very realistic; the characters, the situation and how fast it all happens. Although the situation was dramatic, the story wasn't over-dramatised or hammed up, the mood switches halfway through the film from fun to shock, The stylistic lighting and music/sound design really bolster this mood change. I felt the genre aspect was fit in around the main story, bookending the main drama, which made it seem like you knew what film you want to make before you got your genre. I might be wrong? This film definitely made an impression on me and it made the Wellington shortlist, it is fantastic to see some serious drama's with a powerful social message coming through the competition. Thanks team!

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