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Genie in a Goon

by SkooterMan Pictures 174 views


Drinking goon must mean you're wishing for something better in life, right? Clever concept and very kiwi in its audience side splitting humour, the genie in particular had very strong screen presence in this one. Solid subversion of the whole concept of genies and wishes with the idea of what if the genie didn't always get the wish right? Vegas joke was hilarious and the film had an electric pace to it. Churr bro in tone but with a sinister underlying, a significant improvement for Skooterman Pictures. Well done.

A genie appears from the goon sack to grant a wish. This amateur genie is still honing her wish skills, it is her first week at work and her genie job is on the line. This was a good subversion of the wish genre and I thought this team embraced their genre. It was a good set-up and the film moved at a pace, failed wish by failed wish. But the ending left me wondering, what did happen to that baby? Things to improve, it would be good to see you guys bringing in some lighting and also, I wanted the goon sack scenes to be less plain and more otherworldly since she was a genie in a goon sack. Thanks for the fun film Skooterman Pictures!

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