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Fraternity Milk

by Swan Ronson 8 views


Full points for ambition and scope and an eye-wateringly vivid aesthetic. The sound was a little muffled at times, but this was the story of the greatest race of all told with uniquely psychedelically animated pictures. Educational? Watch it if you get the chance and you decide.

Default Avatar BTMO

I have a background in biology (I mean.... apart from being an organism created in pretty much exactly the same way as depicted in Fraternity Milk...) and found myself laughing at the clever way that the story of conception was told here, and found this movie a treat to watch.

The story of sperm on their voyage to the egg re-framed into a world of surreal chaos where all swimmers had articulate personalities and traits necessary to help with the 'heist'. All the genre tropes were covered with plans laid out and unexpected obstacles doing their utmost to prevent a pregnancy. The double step-back on FANTASTIC VOYAGE was pretty choice if you ask me. Diction/audio mix was not always great but I thought this was overall original and fresh.

Default Avatar Liam Dakin

My pick of the night. Quite rough on the edges but for an 48 hours animation it was forgivable. The story was focused and with all basic elements of the genre. I had a couple of genuine laughs and the music was tight. With a bit of polish this could be the next Inside out.

An orgasm and a long journey through a dark and surreal landscape sets our characters up for an epic heist that will make them rich beyond the wildest dreams. Sound strange - oh yes, that it is. This is not going to be everyones cup of tea, but I do like being confused and amused at the same time. I think this film was made for the 48hour audience, who will embrace it's unique take on conception. Some audio issues and basic animation, but I did enjoy the world you created in this film. This is a place that I have never seen before. A wild ride from this solo/duo animation team - Swan Ronson!

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