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by 2 Slow 2 Win 2 Dumb 2 Quit


Loneliess and envy of couples well conveyed here by a strong lead performance, who through a eureka moment sculpted his own destiny in more ways than one, played for slapstick laughs throughout. I enjoyed the positive atmosphere in this film and quirky ideas. Some dim lighting was a bit of a block, so to speak but the ice queen was some number 8 wire magnificent ingenuity.

A lonely man who is seeking companionship creates his own destiny by carving a beautiful woman out of a block of ice. This silent film has no dialogue and is driven by the music and the action. This is quite a good exercise to see how little dialogue is needed to tell a story and that not every scenario needs to be explained using characters dialogue. I thought the acting was a little over the top but it suited the story and it got some good laughs in the cinema especially the puddle ending.

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