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by The Queue Bricks 156 views


Interesting dive into the world of androids, and what a suitable use is for them covering office work through personal relationships. I liked how the film sold the idea of this future, with the girl who played the android really commanding the screen. It was quite eery how the almost drone or zombified robotic approach to work is how a lot of people actually feel when typing away at an office. I think some of the big ideas here could have been explored a bit further, because going into THE BIG SICK sort of territory of thinking a partner might not wake up and what repercussions there might be if a replacement is brought into the mix, android or not, was really deep at least to me. The ingenuity on show here was very positive, and whilst the story was a bit unclear I liked the ambition. In a way the lack of clarity and so many thought provoking concepts being raised actually helped rather than hindered the film. Main thing that would have improved the film would have been a tighter edit as it some of the cuts were a bit rushed, whilst other shots were held probably too long.

F.I.O.N.A - Female, Interactive, Operational, Navigational, Assistant. This film explores some interesting themes about androids and their place in our lives. What happens when you are replaced by an android and is it really that easy to let go of? I thought Kyra did a great job and she was a pretty convincing Android. The hot tip I give all the school teams is that young people should try to create stories about people their own age, instead of an office scene, and a teen with a wife in a coma, it could have been a situation that is more suited to teenagers. I find if the casting isn't right, it can be distracting from the story. This creative film was entertaining and I love the fresh perspectives the school teams bring.

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