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Default Avatar tyen

So good of you for not packing it in. Great that you finished it and submitted.

Default Avatar heisenburger

Kudos to you for handing something in even after your monstrous lead actor ditched. There were some really nice shots in the forest and in the end your film got the loudest laughs of the heat. The dude at the end was the best. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

A budget cereal eater struggling with his life takes a church pamphlet through no choice of his own, and then realises things are shit at the religious retreat he has been enticed to. The idea of a monster was only really suggested or hinted at with the wise old sage and the promise of a BLAIR WITCH potential creature on the horizon before a hilarious meta ether level burn for the actor who left halfway through the weekend, called out directly by this team as a meta joke ending. Taking the piss out of the elements was hilarious and I hope you enjoyed the massive laugh you got at the cinema, because you deserve it for that stunt. Sorry to hear about your actor quitting though!

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Playing out a bit average, the sudden twist redeemed its entertainment value. Making the best of a bad situation was rewarded with big audience laughs.

Default Avatar Tim Hamilton

This was my favourite film out of all the heats I have seen. The hunchback bush dude was a fantastic character. Had a real Jemaine quality to him. A very satisfying ending to a film that halfway through I couldn’t figure out at all. Making the film work without a lead, and submitting regardless makes me think this should go straight to finals. Stoked to see the required elements made it in too.

Default Avatar Jacob Hawkins


Default Avatar Everything Was Awesome

Watched this after the best actor nomination you were given. I'm with the last two reviews on this! I think people get so caught up in production values and what is "technically good" film making and I get that, but this is meta gold! There is just something utterly brilliant about this film. It's even more brilliant if your lead actor didn't "leave" as you say and this was the story you intended all along! I have to admit when you cut in that blooper clip in the car park I had my suspicions, but there is no way I saw that ending. The irreverent use of the technical elements was great. Great acting by old mate at the end. I hope he gets the win at the finals. Top work, don't change, I think how you tackled this was utterly original intended or not!

For me, this film is what the 48Hours is all about, getting together with your mates and making a film over a weekend. The film started with good intentions about a young man Ash who picks up a flyer that leads him into a forest adventure. Some good locations and well shot and then everything falls apart in the most beautiful 48hour train wreck I've seen on the screen so far. The performance by Jack Blackwell as the Marshall was one of my favourite from the competition, he committed to that character and threw the best facial expressions with a great character voice. I hope he continues to act in other things. I agree with a previous reviewer that the 'irreverent use' of the required elements was hilarious and it got a huge roar of laughter in the cinema, I wish you guys were there to hear it. Thanks for the fun film and for submitting it!

Default Avatar Jeff Goldblum Official

Me, Jeff Goldblum, was in disguise at the city finals and the heats for this fantastic film. I wanted to meet the makers, but they missed out on me, JEFF Goldblum! But! wasn't this film great! a flimsy concept, built around resentful friends. It's just a shame Ash wasn't Jeff Goldblum instead. 10/10 Goldblums

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