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Don't Clique

by The Vindicators 3 views


Default Avatar Troy J Malcolm

Love the way that this short film takes what you expect a High School Movie to be, and then completely flips it. The elements are all incorporated into the story and plot naturally, the acting is on point, and it was a lot of fun to film and watch.

A campaign to stop bulllying that misfires in the worst possible way produced a pretty remarkable tale of pathos via Sergei Eisenstein and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Questions of how to stop persecution based on difference were raised but the reality of society and the system was brought to the forefront in a shuddering jolt. A towering showing by the lead actress I noted this taking a bit too long to get going and the sound being a bit flat, although it was clean. Kind of hate the rating system sometimes as genuinely can't decide between a 5 and a 6 out of 7. Consider my rating unofficially a 5.5

A budding student president bases her campaign at school on an anti-bullying platform. She asks that students vote for equality and destroys all the cliques in an attempt to make everyone the same. It all gets very dictatorial and her idea of equality soon becomes pretty fascist. The film is a nice little parable about individuality vs the system and how badly wrong things can go when someone thinks they know better, no matter what their intentions. The lead character was really strong and the opening monologue/speech is pretty dramatic and engaging. I did think it was a little long and could have benefitted from a tighter edit. I enjoyed the ending even though it was quite metaphorical. In general it was thought-provoking and original.

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