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Dehydra: A Nightmare Musical

by Panic! at the Bus Stop 54 views


Default Avatar Rafael G Q

This was the most engaging film of the entire heat for me. Despite the fact the actual footage was grainy and low quality as well as the audio being hard to understand, the idea was great and it just had so much heart. Such a fun watch and that's what it all really boils down to in the end, how well the film engages with people. The story wasn't straightforward and I felt it was left upto viewer interpretation which I think is also great, and suited the weird style of the film. One of the few I want to watch again. Awesome !

Default Avatar Everything Was Awesome

The kind of movie I wish I could make! Obscure in all the good ways and I never knew where it was going (a good thing) I really liked that first track in particular.

Default Avatar cuby07

What a random film! Super quirky concept, good beats and progression. Not exactly sure what's going on but it doesn't look like a good dream and she needs to quench that thirst. Sound and visual quality could have been a bit clearer - was hard to understand the lyrics. But an enjoyable watch! Look forward to seeing what you make next year.

Default Avatar JoB1Kenobi

Had some weaknesses including some unintelligible song lyrics but otherwise overall rather good.

A girl who badly needs a friend in her life meets a monster, and from there examined the friendship through a pop ballad, hip hop number and jazz sax number. Unfortunately all the songs in the film had issues for mine and the tone was not enough to distract. The pop ballad whilst seemingly well sung was inaudible due to crackling, the hip hop song was hard to discern because whilst delivered with good flow it lacked diction, and then the jazz number seemed like the team were simply ensuring that they hit their predetermined goal of 3 distinctly different songs. Please don't hate me there was some nice style to the film; the hip hop section in particular was colourful, fun and fast-paced. However technically this film was on the backfoot from the getgo with the opening 30 seconds or so being particularly blurry, grainy or not well lit where it probably needed to be to establish the mood.

What looks like a family team that landed the dreaded - musical plus one other (monster) genre, this team had a real challenge cut out for them. I loved the creative approach they took, they kept it light with some really great music throughout it. I enjoyed the diversity of the music. I thought the first pop track sounded like Grace Vanderwaal. A side note - I wondered if the static was intentional after a closer listen to the lyrics, I think it could have been better to leave static out of a 48-hour film it just comes across as bad sound and we missed some of those great lyrics). The hip-hop scene was my favourite, it was the stylised costumes, movement and editing that was so cool! Then the mood and music shifts into a smooth jazzy surreal night-time scene. The monster is also apparently looking for water? I was not totally clear about that, but I was sure that this monster is inspiring some great original tunes. A pity about the technical issues as the creativity was definitely there!

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