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Day None

by Team Yoobee


Serious in tone and played with believable authenticity this established a sparse barely inhabited Wellington through quality drone camera work where I honestly don't remember any giveaways like lights being on as well as impressive costuming and set design. With the world set this was well acted mainly in a bunker as a couple of survivalists shared their tales of getting through, and opened up knowing it was unlikely they'd see another person ever again. The radio announcement that the world was coming to an end was a nice touch but could have been made a bit clearer because it was hard to make out all the details. I noted "captivating" on my pad I base these reviews on, and I'll stick to that. Lighting here was out of this world good. Cool vfx to conclude, I do however wish the team had added a bit more originality to their story.

Reading the terms and conditions has never been so important in this compelling last day on earth tale. Team Yoobee did a great job creating an post-apocalyptic world using unpopulated locations and through creative decisions in costuming, makeup and with the colour grade. Finding unpopulated locations is not always easy when you are filming in a city. I watched the recut version of almost 8 - minutes as requested by the team. Positives - the drone shots were stunning and the extra time meant you had a beautiful grade (I loved it) and the nuanced sound design was great to build tension in the film. Negatives - I'm not sure if the longer cut, did you lots of favours, essentially there are not a lot of story beats in this film to stretch it out to 8 minutes. I think you could have made the edit tighter, there were some editing choices that seemed indulgent to me, the 7 walking shots at the beginning for example and the montage sequence with the song over the top, that took me out of the story. Overall though I enjoyed the film and was great to see you made the climb up Mt Kaukau for the finale shots - massive!

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