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Cut Rate

by Phonetic 53 views


This was clever and well acted and I liked it a lot. A hapless duo have a hard time finding a new flat in Wellington's overheated rental market, and end up taking on a place way out of their budget. They discover various 'hazards' about the place to convince the landlord to give rent reductions, until (inevitably) they go too far. There maybe a bit much splat for me in the splattiest sceen (very vivid sound effects and screams!), but everything and everywhere in the film looks great, and genre is nailed perfectly.

Default Avatar BTMO

Renting sucks. And it's expensive. So what could be better than self mutilation and a splatterfest of buffoonery to drive down those pesky weekly payments? Honestly, I'd've liked to have seen MORE splats and more buffoonery. There were lots of opportunities to take more chances with the audience here. Several times I found myself taking a deep breath of anticipation... then letting it out, unfulfilled. Don't get me wrong - I loved this very clever movie! It was one of my picks of the evening. Awesome use of the shadow required element, btw. I just wanted more of it.

Topical splatire about the Wellington renters markets; tenants desperate to get a house at any means necessary, then go even further to get the rent price to go down when they remember they're not millionaires. Silly as anything bringing to mind a Three Stooges sensibility (only 2 actors here though) I liked the commitment to corniness and the payoff put my heart in a blender, so to say. Good laughs but the audio was poor in large stretches.

Default Avatar Liam Dakin

Nice little story with a small cast. I didn't laugh as much as wince. Maybe I don't have the stomach for this style of movie

Flat hunting in Wellington is a drag until you come across the dream flat (with a cable car), everything comes at a price though and the rent is astronomical. This splatastic comedy of errors reads as a health and safety video for flatting as they find ways to reduce the rent. Some shaky sound issues, but I enjoyed the pace of this film and the two main actors were a good comedy duo.

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