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Charlotte's Dead

by Sadness :( 78 views


Entertaining escapade of a second chance to stop a young woman from being taken out and killed by a flying fox at the park. Songs were absolutely fantastic with wall-breaking lyrics that were both humorous and important to the plot of the film. Like FINAL DESTINATION but if death's target was anyone who wears headphones of doom. You know how it's actually kind of rare for every day things like going to the toilet (well, maybe not for 48hours) or blowing your nose being shown on screen? Well that was the sort of low budget cheekiness used to propel the story. Good reaction from the audience and I get the song framing device it did just need to be tightened up a bit.

Oblivious Charlotte is wiped out in a playground mishap and then travels back in time (and body swaps) to save herself - confusing? a little! Luckily the very catchy acoustic song (possibly sung by the whole crew?) helps by narrating all the action. Agreed it could have been tightened up in the edit but props for filming the whole thing outside and loving the beautiful park location!

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