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Beans and Frank.

by Heliotrope Horrors 35 views


Three Hawaiian shirt-wearing crims on a getaway struggle to deal with the fact that one of them has been shot and really needs a doctor. Camera was decent, script was working well and performances were engaging. But that the flattening of a balloon in all its cold mean spirited cliched predictability. Ruined the film for me.

The tension is building as three guys on the run, stop the car to discover one of them is bleeding and needs to go to hospital, reluctant to take him, everyone's true colours are exposed. I'm not sure why they are all wearing bright Hawaiian shirts, these shirts are loud, the opposite of what you might wear in a heist situation but does make them a gang of some kind? This short film does well to build up the tension but lacks a bit in characterisation, who are these guys and what is at stake?

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