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Apple Smash

by The Moffits 214 views


Default Avatar Thesuperpanda

Superb quality. I cannot think of such a well put together peice with the acting and story was simply amazing. Would definitely watch many more times and it's the level I and many others should aspire to reach. How was the banana?

Default Avatar SpikyHedgehog

By far the best there, of course no offence to the rest as the rest were also very well made. Nothing much to say though as just watching it makes it very clear that they are extremely good at what they do. Well done!

To mine this was treading a damn fine line on the Ultra requirements. I've heard the explanation that the whole film was from the child's POV making them the lead, but films entirely from someone's POV are something I watch out for and there were multiple shots of the mum and dad outside the possible scope of the view of the car that for mine clearly made them also lead characters not supporting. Subversion is bloody great but was this given a bit of a free pass? Nobody who is not a judge that I've spoken to disagreed that the parents were also lead characters rather than just supports. I don't think I've ever given a negative review to the films made by the people in this team whether Moffilaide or Simmo and Simmo and I'm not going to start now in terms of the film itself (very fun and slick as hell), I simply have gripes about Ultra and felt I had to bring it up because nobody else has. Appreciate this is technically a new team of course, and sorry for whining - I love what your team does and brings to the comp almost every year without fail! Others at the cinema described it as whimsical and I can go with that; close to the best 'heist' film in this year's comp from Wellington while at the same time being a very subversive fish out of water; a kid taken by mum and dad for their latest hit/gunfight is most definitely wrong place, wrong time shouldn't be there if you wanted a shining example. Stunt work was great and edit was on point. Huge audience laughs and kept everyone on the edge of their seat. I'm not a judge this year and they are ok with saying the adults are supporting characters, so good luck at the finals!

This team always produces a really polished interesting film. Interesting use of the ULTRA element. See you in the Finals.

Taking your kids to work is not ideal (especially when you are hitman couple) just make sure you bring along some snacks to keep them occupied. This Ultra team made a slick action film using professional stunt men and a great choice of location. Shot from the point of view of the baby and using voice over this film had a nice mix of wholesome parenting moments and hardcore gangster moments. I thought a child voicing over for the baby would have sold the character better but I loved the energy of this film and the stunt work and cinematography was impressive. Well done for making it to the Grand Finals.

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