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A Walk to Dismember

by Trailer Park Pictures 200 views


Lo-fi FRANKENSTEIN in reverse where our lead was prone to dismemberment and re-attachment of missing limbs was at the top of his list in life, at any cost. Very much embodied the BAD TASTE guerilla approach that inspired the genre with a commanding performance by the man with missing limbs. Exceedingly poor though to show your computer screen having "EZTV Torrents" links, but I'll forgive you for the entertainment and also having fucking amazing songs. Can only wonder what would have happened if you got musical!

Default Avatar eelmane

haha the songs in this were soo good, well done guys I really enjoyed your film. full of lols. finished the heat on a high!

Default Avatar amandajanenz

The main actor is incredibly handsome.

Teams have embraced the Splatstick genre and this team was no exception, using physical effects, this man is falling apart limb by limb. Searching for solutions to his gruesome problem he takes it a few steps too far. There are some good splatter comedy moments as he uses his DIY skills to fix himself. Loved the punk music soundtrack 'body parts' worked well with the title of the film. Heavy, funny and bloody good!

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